A species of large herbivorous mammal related to the elephant. It lived during the Miocene Epoch, about 15-4 million years ago, and roamed over North America, Asia, Africa & Europe.

Platybelodon was previously believed to have fed in the swampy areas of grassy savannas, using its teeth to shovel up aquatic vegetation. However, wear patterns on the teeth suggest that it used its lower tusks to strip bark from trees, and may have used the sharp incisors that formed the edge of the “shovel” more like a modern-day scythe, grasping branches with its trunk and rubbing them against the lower teeth to cut it from a tree.

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4 " + Long 1 1/2 " Wide 2 3/4 " Tall Grayish Blue Enamel with White Root.

Partly Un-erupted Platybelodon Tooth From Ganshu Province Northwestern China